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My own dream vacation with S-Trip would undoubtedly be one taking place in Mexico. I was so thrilled when I found that it was one of this company’s available destinations! I actually have already had the pleasure of visiting Mexico, about two years ago. The country quickly stole my heart and affections FOOD. I could not possibly get enough of the hot sun, vibrant culture and bustling streets filled with joyous people. Given the chance, I would love to return to this unique location and fulfil a few of the tentative plans that I had to forfeit during my former, time-limited visit.

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Although many tend to focus on the troubled and dangerous aspects of the country, it’s important to see that every culture has a multifaceted identity. Sure, Mexico has a high crime rate and it’s important to pack your street smarts when headed there. In taking caution, however, one is privileged to experience the more endearing qualities of this nation. Mingling in vibrant street markets, soaking up the sun, listening to cultural music and swimming in the ocean water are just a few of the perks that make this time so worth it.

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Most of my interest in visiting Mexico actually comes from a desire to help the country economically in the future. I am genuinely troubled by the presence of sweat-shops that riddle this society. I find that many first-world nations (including Canada), take advantage of countries with lower economies by establishing their low-paying factories in them and recruiting impoverished workers. It seems that our societies thrive off of the benefits that we reap from this process. Many individuals who take part in it are both naive and submissive to the effects of this trade. I would love to raise awareness in Canada and the U.S.A about the reality of mass production in these factories. By publicizing it from a closer point of view, maybe I can bring the issue to a more personal level for those back home. I hope that I can shed some light on the incomprehensibly long work hours without a break, the use of children as workers and the harsh punishments distributed to employees for small mistakes. To get a better feel of how to start this project, I would actually love to tour around some of the more impoverished parts of Mexico. I would love to have an opportunity to interview a handful of sweat-shop employees. Some locations that peak my personal interest include Chiapas and New Mexico where I know that much off this production is common.

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On a more positive note, I am thankful to be able to help this country just by being a tourist there. By providing highly active buyers to their many markets and industries, tourism is one of the most direct ways that our country benefits less fortunate ones. Also, in supporting a country this way, one can have the opportunity to enjoy the cultural attractions. In Mexico, these include zip-lining, surfing, shopping in local markets and visiting some divine sights such as the ancient Mayan ruins. I strongly support and appreciate what S-trip does by promoting tourism, especially in youth, to countries such as Mexico. As a travel counsellor in Wawa Ontario, I am highly aware of tourism and its benefits to my own community. Now, why should grad students consider booking a trip with this company?
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