Hello! My name is Hailey and I am so excited to be participating in Miss Teenage Canada this August! Never in a million years would I even imagine being in a pageant! I’ve always thought differently of pageants until I have actually been in one. My first pageant was actually this year! I was a delegate for Miss North Ontario 2018 representing Searchmont. Being in that pageant made me realize my true beauty from the inside out and ever since then I have nothing but good things to say about pageants. Miss North Ontario has helped me feel more confident and get out of my comfort zone. I made plenty of friends too!


If it wasn’t for Emma, I would’ve never got to experience something so amazing! She was the one who told me I should join and we’ve been close ever since! I ended up reaching my goal of getting top 16 and got the award to come to Miss Teenage Canada!

I can’t wait to meet all the lovely ladies and have a fun time in Toronto! I’ve only been there a few times when I was younger but I remember loving it! I love big cities so I know I’m going to enjoy my time there! Can’t wait!!

~ Hailey 🙂

Written by: Hailey

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