With my advertisement, for “Signature Towels”, which is a company that creates and sells personalized towels for their customers, I decided to target middle-aged women. This is because I see the mothers of a house-hold to be the most likely group to be in charge of buying towels. For this reason, I have a middle-aged woman casted as the primary (and only), character in my 30 second advertisement. Ideally, she will be a fairly attractive (but unintimidating), and friendly looking woman. These characteristics will encourage the audience to associate better with the woman in the ad. I decided to use Eva Longoria, as she’s an attractive and likeable woman with a good reputation and the image of a successful middle-aged woman.

In my first scene, this woman sits alone in an in-home comfortable looking office. It’s sometime in the evening (maybe after the kids have gone to bed). The room is well furnished and welcoming looking, without appearing to belong to a wealthy family. This way the audience will associate the commercial with a comfortable life that they would enjoy, without feeling that it’s out of their grasp. Here’s an example of a possible set:

The main character is on the computer, doing some late night online shopping. She considers two different towels and we see each of them for about two seconds as she changes internet tabs and back. This is just long enough to register that one is “Signature Towels“, and the other just a basic brand. The woman considers her choice and the scene switches its focus on to her face as she does so. This entire description encompasses about the first seven seconds. Now, we hear her thoughts for the next 7 seconds :
“I can get the signature towels… Only $45 for a personalized bath set and they’re so gorgeous. Or maybe I should just be practical…”
The scene switches back to the screen and we watch as the woman’s mouse move to click “Purchase” on the screen of the basic towels. This action takes about two seconds, meaning that the ad has been on for about sixteen when the woman pauses and the scene changes.
Now, it illustrates a daydream that she has of the personalized towels in a steamy and somewhat luxurious looking bathroom. The camera focuses on the towels next to a fogged mirror and zooms in as the song “Could’ve Had Me” by “Lex Land” plays. Lyrics “Yeah if you wanted me, you could’ve had me baby…” Here’s an example of a bathroom:

Now, we hear a female voice of what one would imagine to be the towel, explaining why it’s so desirable.
“Are you sure you want those other towels? I, like the other signature towels, am made from highest quality materials and crafted for the best presentation. With very reasonable prices and luxuriously soft feel, I’m the kind of chance you don’t want to miss.”
This entire bathroom scene takes about 10 seconds.
The ad flashes back to the woman for a quick, four second scene of her moving the mouse to buy the Signature Towels. To take a look for yourself at personalized towels,

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