My name is Hannah Marie Simard. I was born in Wawa Ontario (yes, Land of the Big Goose), in 1996. I have been blessed to have lived there for sixteen years surrounded by beautiful natural beaches and scenic locations. This small community is full of friendly people and it is a wonderful feeling to know everyone I meet on the street. I was raised with a consciousness of my role as a member of the community, knowing that even as a youth, I can have a positive influence and make a difference.
This was emphasized during my elementary school years, during which I developed a foundation that I thrived upon. With organizational skills and a strong work ethic, I have remained at the top of my class while involved in numerous school clubs and teams. These have included, but have not been limited to: drama club, soccer, volley-ball, floor hockey, badminton, cribbage club, reading club, character club and choir. I also spent several years as a member of student’s council, becoming the youngest president in my school, a responsibility and honour I achieved in seventh grade.
Upon graduation from elementary school, I was ready to take on a new challenge, and decided to attend a French Catholic high school, even though my background and education had been solely English. Recognizing the challenge ahead of me, I prepared by using Rosetta Stone, and spending two weeks in Quebec immersed in the French language. I was successful in passing the French comprehension test upon return to Wawa, and began my high school career, knowing that the long term benefit of being bilingual would outweigh the extra work I would have to do in the short term to stay on top of my classes. Attending École Secondaire Catholique Saint-Joseph was one of the best decisions of my life. The most profound sense of community and belonging can be found within the walls of this school.
In spite of my love and devotion to my hometown, I made the decision to move away from home and family in search of a better arts education. I am currently attending the Performance Arts Program at Sudbury Secondary School. While my extensive experience in dance would have been helpful had I chosen to major in dance, I chose instead to have a new challenge and to study vocal music.
As well as wide-ranging involvement in school extra-curricular activities, I have also been broadly involved in activities outside of school. These have included eight years of piano lessons, four years of vocal music lessons, three years of figure-skating and ten years of dance classes. When I began dance classes at age seven it was just for fun, however I soon developed a passion and found myself spending up to eleven hours a week at the studio. Dancing has always kept me active, motivated and involved in the community, as we participated in many fundraisers and community shows. I excelled in dance and, in 2010, was awarded a scholarship to compete in the Dance World Cup in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I earned third place in my category! I continue to dance with a dance studio and at my school as well. I am truly honoured to represent Algoma District as a Miss Teen Canada delegate. I plan to make my district proud and have a positive influence on my community, and beyond.

Written by: Hannah Simard

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