Day three of Miss Teen Canada was certainly a long one, beginning at 5am in the morning when we all needed to be ready and outside of our hotel doors. All were boarded on the bus by 5:30 and we were off and on our way to Breakfast Television! Many were very excited to be on the show, as it’s not every day that most people get to be on T.V! A few girls got a great chance to introduce themselves and talk about something interesting that has influenced them or their life.

After Breakfast Television, we were bussed off to a very cute and quiet café for breakfast. Quickly following this was a visit to the CNTower where we saw both a great view from the top and a great crowed of people who were interested in us and our crowns. Many of us had fun letting children try our crowns on and take pictures in them! So cute. Maybe one of them will be Miss Teen Canada one day! Well, after countless pictures, it was time for the scavenger hunt. This hunt took place in the Distillery District. Having never personally visited this district before, I was very pleased to have the chance to explore it. A group of friends and I discovered some great shops for gelato, soaps and clothing. Needless to say I will definitely be going back in the near future.
Next, we enjoyed a great lunch at Café Uno before moving along to the mall! Having been each given a $50 gift card by Costa Blanca, girls were in a frenzy to find some great clothes… which is NOT a hard feat in that store! Many actually bought new outfits for our visit to Much Music right then and there. The staff at Costa Blanca was amazing… they were absolutely beyond patient and collected in spite of having 65 crowned girls shopping in their store at once. All of us Miss Teen Canada delegates are so thankful for their generosity.
And now for that last big event of the day! We made it to Much Music and had a great time watching a rap battle, followed by a beat-box battle and finally a b-boy vs. b-gal battle. It was great to get to watch all of this happen up close and cheer on the competitors. A lot of us delegates are a regular audience to Much Music as well and were thrilled to get the chance to be behind the scenes.
All in all, it was a great day (no matter how busy). Of course it’s impossible to go through such a long day without getting some sore feet and muscles and feeling pretty tired. It is un-doubtable, however, that all of this was worth it in exchange for the Miss Teen Canada experience. No other seems to pack so many great opportunities into a day.

Written by: Hannah Simard

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