Day two at Miss Teen Canada – World 2013 was definitely a crucial and nerve-racking one. It consisted of several challenges that all delegates were marked on. These were an interview with the judges, a video shoot and a photo shoot. All girls were to wear casual clothing and have their other necessary outfits with them outside of their door at about 8am. From there on, everyone was escorted to breakfast and then upstairs to the top floor where all of the pageant activity inside of the hotel is held.
A bit of a wait was necessary for all girls before getting to their challenges, as EVERYONE needed hair and makeup done first. What a few other delegates and I found, however, is that this wait could be put to very good use. We went over questions that we would be asked in our video interview and practiced answering ridiculous questions to prepare ourselves for the interview with the judges. This preparation was definitely a confidence booster that I think contributed to the great outcome of these activities for me!
While these activities started to come to a close, training began for proper pageant walks. Simple choreography was given (by the remarkable man, James, who walks fabulously in heels), and we were taught simple moves such as half-turns. James went through everything thoroughly with us, answered all questions and left us with pointers to think about. He was kind but made sure to stress the importance of listening and obedience. I truly enjoyed his class and am sure that many other girls look forward to seeing him again, as I do.
When walking class finished, delegates were brought to the lunch room to pick up a late dinner and then head upstairs to bed. Time to prepare for yet another big day! What awaits us? Breakfast Television, Much Music, a scavenger hunt in the Distillery District and shopping at Costa Blanca. How generous of Costa Blanca to give EACH of us 65 delegates a $50 gift card! Amazing.

Written by: Hannah Simard

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