It is so weird to already be writing about the closing to this experience. This is the last night at Miss Teen Canada and I am currently sitting in the dark in my hotel room working on some last-minute social media tasks. In spite of the late hour and stressful day that approaches, I am saddened by the concept that this will be one of the last tasks that I complete for Miss Teen Canada.
Our last few days as delegates were mainly spent in rehearsals for all of the routines that we will be performing tomorrow night at the final ceremony. This experience of hours in rehearsal brought delegates closer together and tested our ability to cooperate and have patience with each other. For the most part, I think we all passed that test with flying colors. What a great group of girls.
Just this night, we had the talent gala and I was blown away by each of the other girls’ talents. It’s crazy how you can get to know people so well and never find out such a talent that they have that makes them even more amazing than you had even known. This just demonstrates how – as humans, friends and family – we overlook the amazing things in each other constantly.
So many of the delegates’ friends, for example, might never have imagined that the delegate would be in such a huge competition as Miss Teen Canada. It’s as if we take the people that we know dearly for granted. We objectify those who we see as amazing, and the moment that we view someone as a person it becomes harder to recognize their capability. Truthfully, being a person is all that it takes to be in a competition like this. Being human is all that anyone needs. Recognizing one’s importance is the most important thing a person will ever do. I think that, if anything, that is what this experience has taught me the most.
Some say that it’s degrading to be put in a competition where you get judged on swimsuit, talent or evening gown. However, when we look a the full picture, we see an opposing story. This is a competition that combines all aspects of a young girls life – her fashion, her interests, her goals and beliefs – and encourages her to improve her life on each of these levels. It’s only through having a reason to do this that one will realize they can.
We absolutely can raise thousands of dollars for a cause. We absolutely can advocate our own beliefs. We can create social media websites and promote them. We can raise sponsorship all on our own.
Well it’s time for bed, and I have no idea what the final ceremony tomorrow night will bring. After all of this work, it’s finally time to see where we all place! It is insane to me, and many other delegates, that only one of us can win. Everyone is so beautiful in so many levels of their identity that it is impossible for us to determine a winner. Even more, it’s impossible to imagine that most of us will never see each other again. This week, all delegates had an opportunity to make friends from all over Canada with amazing women that we probably would never have met otherwise. There has been so much love and support throughout these girls this week that we could never have survived without.
So thank you to all of the pageant organizers and staff for all that they do for the youth of Canada. Undoubtedly, they ameliorate the future of every delegate that ever crosses their path, as well as of Canada as a whole. If the youth is the future, then Miss Teen Canada makes that future bright when they bring such a beautiful experience to girls like myself.

Written by: Hannah Simard

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