Alright, so it’s bed time after day 1 of Miss Teen Canada! Already, this whole experience is going by SO fast. I can definitely say that I’m thrilled to be here after all of the hard work that I’ve done in anticipation. I feel that this work is already paying off, as I’m able to enjoy this amazing opportunity without a single regret. I feel that I have worked to earn being here.
So, what has this “amazing opportunity” consisted of so far? On day one, yesterday, all of us delegates got a chance to meet each other. Beautiful, accomplished young ladies met up from all over Canada. It was a little hectic for the organizers, having to collect us all from trains, planes and cars and bring us to the hotel and our rooms. Upon arriving to my own room, I was lucky enough to meet a girl name Natasha. She’s a kind, funny, awesome roommate… She’s also prooobably a little tidier than myself (sorry Natasha)! Upon being put in our rooms, us delegates all had time to socialize and connect with our roommates, as we were not allowed to leave until being escorted to an event. Delegates are not given room keys as a safety and organizational measure. This way, after bringing us to our rooms, chaperones always know that we are there and safe. These are busy days after all! I’m not sure anyone would argue about being sent to bed. 🙂

Events on the first night consisted of registration and a welcome party. At registration, we basically handed in proof of our hard work. This included a USB holding pictures of us in sash and crown, a list of our fundraising events, a list of our media appearance and interviews, our donation to Free the Children and an optional essay to demonstrate our academic strength. I was quite excited to hand in a $3500 cheque for Free the Children as a result of my perseverance AND the support I’ve received from my community!
The welcome party, which came right after, was where we met with many of the pageant’s sponsors. These included Hi-Tec footwear, That’s so Sun makeup, Me to We style, PS by Pretty Sweet and Schwarzkopf Professional. These sponsors offered us free samples of their products. In fact, Hi-Tec footwear even gave us each a new pair of shoes!
When the night was done, we were brought back to our rooms where we prepared for the busy morning awaiting us. Knowing that the following day would hold an interview with the judges, a video shoot and a photo shoot was definitely a nerve-racking and exciting concept!

Written by: Hannah Simard

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