As representative (and resident), of the Algoma District, I am extremely proud to say that the largest wind farm in Canada resides in our region. The construction of the Prince Wind Farm began as a project of Brookfield Renewable Power in September2005 and was completed in December 2006. Comprising of an impressive 126 turbines, its total installed capacity was 189 megawatts. This esteemed source of renewable energy is extremely important to the Algoma District. Not only does it help generate jobs for people in Northern Ontario, it also effectively demonstrates what our area stands for; a connection with the environment. Although Northern Ontario may not be the most prestigious celebrated part of the world for industrial life, its citizens will always be able to pride themselves in their connection to the natural environment.
On top of benefiting the region of the Algoma District, this power plant has a significant and positive impact on Ontario as a whole. Since the creation of Algoma’s wind farm, Ontario has become the leading source of wind generation in Canada. This is due to the fact that the plant’s first project brought its capacity up to a whopping 3,800 megawatts, which increased Ontario’s renewable power in general by 1200 megawatts.
Wind power is important on a global scale. The greenhouse effect has quickly climbed in importance to an international crisis. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is actually necessary to keep the world warm enough for human life. This effect, however, has been sent into hyper mode by reckless human activity. About 61% of this hyper-action has been cause by fossil fuels, which are the main source of energy internationally. There are more flaws to the use of fossil fuels, including their finite existence (because of the thousands of years that it takes to produce fossil fuels). Mankind has indulged in the benefits of this power source to the point that it is consumed faster than it is produced. It won’t be long, at this point, until the resource completely runs out. In order to maintain mankind’s current lifestyle, reliance on fossil fuels must be reduced, and renewable energy must be promoted in place.
Because wind energy is the leading renewable power source in the world, it is a valuable asset to the Algoma District,Canada, and the globe. We must recognize that, as citizens,we are responsible for much of the detrimental effects on our surrounding natural environment. We can help reduce our effect and have a more positive impact by supporting renewable energy plants such as the “Prince Wind Farm”. There has been some worldwide conflict over wind energy, as is arguably a reality for all revolutionary fields of work. Those who oppose the idea pull upon the concepts that they can be visually displeasing and sometimes disturbingly loud. Many also argue about the jeopardized safety of birds in the area. The “Provincial New Renewable Energy Program” sees the benefit of this business, however. They have awarded the plant a twenty year power supply agreement which should keep it going strong for a long time yet to come.

Written by: Hannah Simard

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