As anyone who has read the “About Me” section of my blog will know, I recently became an eleventh grade student and vocal-music major at Sudbury Secondary School, and have thoroughly enjoyed my past year as a student there. My decision to attend this school was a big one for me, which caused me to move away from my family and home town where I had lived for sixteen comfortable years. What made it worth it for me to make such a change to my life? A few things, which included a thirst for practice in vocal music, and a belief in the quality of the performance arts program that is offered at Sudbury Secondary School.
As you will find on their website, Sudbury Secondary School’s goal is to “value, cultivate and support life-long learning; foster compassion and respect for all members of society; provide a safe and nurturing environment; recognize accomplishments; understand and demonstrate the importance of shared responsibility; and strive for excellence in teaching to ensure learning for all.” I will admit, this may just sound like the classic hype that school board officials make up to promote their school. I truly find, however, that the claims made in this statement have been extensively true as far as my experience at this school goes.
Every teacher I’ve had all year, whether part of the arts program or not, has been genuinely enthusiastic and supportive in my quest for further knowledge and high grades. They are always willing to spend extra time with me beyond school hours in order to ensure that I get as much out of my education is possible. In addition, all staff involved with the arts program work hard to keep their students involved with the community. As a vocal music major, I was automatically involved in performances with the school choir. This included taking part in the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Sudbury Arena and competing at the Kiwanas Festival, where we earned a Diamond Award and were chosen to go on to Provincials. Dance majors also become very involved in the community with what they do. Their experience ranges from local Christmas shows to ceremonies such as the “Breast Cancer Walk” last October. Band majors become involved in many annual festivals including “Music Fest Canada” and the “Northern Ontario Music Festival”. Drama majors are always the main craftsmen in an annual play at our school. These plays have always been very successful, entertaining a public audience and selling out the Sheridan auditorium in the process. This year, the entire cast of a play called “Black Dog” comprised, by chance, of Sudbury Secondary theater majors. All performance arts majors are kept aware of local opportunities in their domain, whether that’s a choir or a show that is running auditions.
More than anything, I can say that exceptional talent has been obvious to me at this school. Every day upon arriving at school, I witness singers who make shows like “American Idol” seem boring, musicians who out-shadow my favorite bands, actors who clearly belong on Broadway and dancers who seem to belong in the ballet. The one difficult thing about being a student at this school is dealing with the drive to try and fairly demonstrate these talents to the rest of the world. It can often be hard to organize enough events to show a majority of people just how much of these students’ potential is used through this program. It’s for this reason that I’ve organized a talent show at Sudbury Secondary School on Wednesday, June 12, from 7-9pm. For those of you who are interested in coming, tickets will be sold at the door; $7 for children and seniors and $9 for adults. Please email for more information.

Written by: Hannah Simard

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